Instrumental Instruments series for Red Bull Music Academy: ThereminVocoderMinimoog

Opening Doors (The Baffler)

My Summer Job at the Bohemian Grove, Serving Milkshakes to the Shitfaced Global Elite (Gawker)

An Introduction to E.A.T. – Engineers, the Avant-Garde and a Tennis Court (documentary introduction for Red Bull Music Academy)

Mort Garson Profile (Red Bull Music Academy Daily)

Lesley Flanigan’s Vision of Sound (Red Bull Music Academy Daily)

DJ Maria Chavez Embraces Beautiful Destruction on the Turntable (Village Voice)

Humans Are Developing An Always-On ‘Sleep Mode’ (Motherboard)

If you remember this playground, your childhood was awesome (Hopes&Fears)

Why Google’s Neural Networks Look Like They’re On Acid (Motherboard)

An Oral History of 285 Kent (ANIMAL New York)

All Rolling Stone reviews.





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